Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Spiritual Advisor

crystal-iconRaise your Consciousness for the highest fulfillment in your life!  Recognize and break old negative habits and themes, seeing and changing how you currently do life.

Mediumship Services

candles-iconArrange a brief telephone call with Alexander so he can "tune in" to see if the Spirit World wishes to Communicate through him .

Intuitive Coach

insense-iconAlexander can provide that wisdom & direction. He specializes in working with individuals seeking to reach current goals or set new goals.

TeleTeaching Study

What is TeleTeaching?

Teleteaching, is a field of education that focuses on deliver education to students who are not physically “on site” in a traditional classroom or campus. Using technology, (Internet, Computer, Microphone, Camera) Alexander is able to connect to Individuals or Groups.

TeleTeaching Programs

Alexander is pleased to offer individual studies on various topics for your spiritual knowledge. All of these studies if utilized in the correct way will assist the individual on the path to becoming a balanced spiritually inclined human being.
At the present time this service will be offered as an individual one on one discussion with Alexander. Should you wish to study with him as a group in a conference meeting type environment feel free to inquire.

Fee for Individual Tele Studies

Alexander suggests you commit to a minimum of 2 hours per month or a maximum of four hours per month. Purchase This Program Now Fee for 45 minutes: $45.00
Product : telestudies | Tele Studies | Price/Unit : 45.00 USD