Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Spiritual Advisor

crystal-iconRaise your Consciousness for the highest fulfillment in your life!  Recognize and break old negative habits and themes, seeing and changing how you currently do life.

Mediumship Services

candles-iconArrange a brief telephone call with Alexander so he can "tune in" to see if the Spirit World wishes to Communicate through him .

Intuitive Coach

insense-iconAlexander can provide that wisdom & direction. He specializes in working with individuals seeking to reach current goals or set new goals.

astrologyAstrological Reports:

Alexander offers Astrological Reports that are printed out and mailed or forwarded to you in an attachment . These reports offer you a Chart Wheel, Information on the various influences planets have on you, and give you a 3 month time period about what is coming up for you astrologically. If you chose Alexanders Intuitive Point of View , allow about 20 minutes to do this.    






Fee: $20.00 via e-mail

Product : astro-rep-e | Astrological Reports by email | Price/Unit : 20.00 USD

Fee: $25.00 via mail
Product : astro-rep-m | Astrological Reports by mail | Price/Unit : 25.00 USD

Fee Interpretation of your chart from my Intuitive Point of View : $35.00 via e-mail
Product : astro-int-e | Astrological Interpretation by email | Price/Unit : 35.00 USD

Fee: Interpretation of your chart from my Intuitive Point of View: $40.00 via mail
Product : astro-int-m | Astrological Interpretation by mail | Price/Unit : 40.00 USD


Alexander's Programs

  • TeleTeaching Study
    TeleTeaching Study What is TeleTeaching? Teleteaching, is a field of education that focuses on deliver education to students who are not physically “on site” in a traditional classroom or campus....
  • Webinars, Web Conferencing
    Webinars, Web conferencing Webinars, Teachings and TeleConferencing are now in the development phase. At present Alexander will be conducting a Webinar on the 13 Holy Nights Leading up to Christmas....
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