Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Spiritual Advisor

crystal-iconRaise your Consciousness for the highest fulfillment in your life!  Recognize and break old negative habits and themes, seeing and changing how you currently do life.

Mediumship Services

candles-iconArrange a brief telephone call with Alexander so he can "tune in" to see if the Spirit World wishes to Communicate through him .

Intuitive Coach

insense-iconAlexander can provide that wisdom & direction. He specializes in working with individuals seeking to reach current goals or set new goals.

Reiki-Golden-SunReiki Treatments:

Reiki is a form of Universal Healing. Alexander is a Reiki Master and can conduct Healing Treatments and Reiki Training. Alexander can conduct a treatment via Telephone, Skype or in Person. If you are having an IN PERSON treatment please be aware that Alexander DOES NOT work on the body, but works outside in your auric field. . At the end of your treatment Alexander will place his hands in yours and send Energy Through you. You will be completely clothed. The entire session may be videoed or taped if Alexander feels moved to do so.
Fee: Per session : Approximately 45-60 minutes: $80.00

Product : reiki | Reiki Treantment | Price/Unit : 80.00 USD


PLEASE NOTE: 10% OF ALL REIKI TREATMENTS ARE DONATED TO VARIOUS Animal Rescue Centers. If you have one of your choice please let Alexander know.


Alexander's Programs

  • TeleTeaching Study
    TeleTeaching Study What is TeleTeaching? Teleteaching, is a field of education that focuses on deliver education to students who are not physically “on site” in a traditional classroom or campus....
  • Webinars, Web Conferencing
    Webinars, Web conferencing Webinars, Teachings and TeleConferencing are now in the development phase. At present Alexander will be conducting a Webinar on the 13 Holy Nights Leading up to Christmas....
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