Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Spiritual Advisor

crystal-iconRaise your Consciousness for the highest fulfillment in your life!  Recognize and break old negative habits and themes, seeing and changing how you currently do life.

Mediumship Services

candles-iconArrange a brief telephone call with Alexander so he can "tune in" to see if the Spirit World wishes to Communicate through him .

Intuitive Coach

insense-iconAlexander can provide that wisdom & direction. He specializes in working with individuals seeking to reach current goals or set new goals.

Alexander, “You don't just offer intuitive insight into the future, you also offer great advice and an in depth understanding of who we are and how astrology influences us. It’s a valuable combination of information and is essential in helping us validate oneself.Your non-judgemental approach and good sense of humor is a great addition to your many skills and qualities!”
Sean, Glen Ellen California