Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Spiritual Advisor

crystal-iconRaise your Consciousness for the highest fulfillment in your life!  Recognize and break old negative habits and themes, seeing and changing how you currently do life.

Mediumship Services

candles-iconArrange a brief telephone call with Alexander so he can "tune in" to see if the Spirit World wishes to Communicate through him .

Intuitive Coach

insense-iconAlexander can provide that wisdom & direction. He specializes in working with individuals seeking to reach current goals or set new goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often people have questions about my work.
Below are answers to many of the most frequently asked questions.
If you have a question that you don’t find listed here, please contact me and I’ll be happy to respond.

What does an Intuitive spiritual advisor do?

I am frequently asked what I do. I offer advice, both intuitively and from my own personal Spiritual Wisdom. My natural Clairsentient and Clairaudient abilities combined with studies in Spiritual modalities allow me to receive information that is not readily available to our natural senses. I am able to discern potential outcomes to circumstances and can provide Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance that a client may use as a tool on their path to Higher Awareness.

What are your qualifications?

I have had the natural ability to sense Clairsentience and hear Clairaudience that is not readily apparent since I was a small child. Numerous "teachers" from various backgrounds have had an impact on my life, and their knowledge plus ongoing studies increase and perfect my gifts and wisdom as an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor. I am a self-taught tarot reader, with strong interests in Numerology and Astrology. I’ve been a follower of the Rudolph Steiner movement for a number of years, and have studied with Native American Indian chiefs, Kabbalah scholars, and others.

I’m nervous about having a session with an intuitive spiritual advisor

Being nervous about a session is natural. A lot of myths about psychics and actual bad experiences with those who are perhaps not authentic are of course there. Ask friends others who have been to him. Most people comment that after meeting or speaking with me, all nervousness and tensions fade away. They usually can't wait to book another session!

How do I know if your work is ethical and authentic?

That is a very important, valid question to ask. Over the years, on my own journey, I have encountered inappropriate advisors and healers, some of whom turned out not to be legitimate at all. Unfortunately, many with greedy agendas and out-of-control self-interests have infiltrated the intuitive world. Here are some points of interest:

A true intuitive advisor will not make promises, or offer you "winning lottery numbers."
You should not be “kept on a string." In other words, an ethical intuitive advisor will not hint at answers that are never disclosed. You also should not constantly be asked to make future appointments. I am inclined to leave that decision up to you, but if I sense you may need or want further assistance, I may suggest it. Trust your own instincts.
An Intuitive spiritual advisor will offer you guidance and insight, but the final decision is your responsibility. You must make an effort to discern what is relayed to you. Readings can often be a bit cryptic, and should not be taken literately.
Life is in constant change. Today’s reality can change suddenly with the slightest thought or action. What may be seen in a session today may not occur if you do not take proper, healthy acts of free will, or if you are not listening properly. Remember that intuitive's are human too and not responsible for your life and how you chose to live it

I understand all that has been said, but how can I decide if an intuitive spiritual advisor is authentic?

In the end, your decision is based on a sense of "rightness." You’ll be moved to contact the advisor and arrange an appointment. If you chose to work with me and I feel apprehensive, I will tell you. I may suggest you wait awhile, or may suggest other advisors or individuals to assist you.

Will you try to control or influence me in any way?

No! My work is to guide and empower you. You always have free will to accept or disregard the information given to me for you.

Do you contact people or animals that have passed over?

That is an interesting question. Loved ones and pets occasionally "come through” during a session. I do not consider myself a medium, but will deliver messages from the "other side" if contact occurs.

I notice you offer other services. Are they included in my session with you?

The other services you see on my web site are offered as techniques for advanced spiritual growth. You may wish to explore them after an initial session with me. Feel free to inquire!

Do you feel you charge the “going rate” for your services?

Yes, I am comfortable with my rates, which are adjusted from time to time as the cost of living increases. All my rates are in USA funds. I do not offer "reduced rates" nor do I barter. When you make your appointment, your rate will be quoted. It will only change if you request that the session continue past its scheduled time.

What happens once I make an appointment for a service?

When you’ve made an appointment with me, I begin to "tune in” to your vibration before you arrive. Specific information is provided to me. Clients are often surprised that I already have information for them when we meet.

NOTE: Telephone sessions and in-person sessions have the same value. Meeting with me in person or talking with me via telephone involves the creation of an energetic space. Either way, I have information for you.

Overall, do you feel your work is beneficial to others?

Of course! The number of people who contact me, and the large number of referrals, speak for themselves. I speak my truth to support your personal growth. It’s important to note that everyone has some degree of intuition, but not everyone will be an intuitive advisor. In my instance, it was a natural gift, one I have enhanced and used to assist others. The more open you are to listen and discern, the more beneficial your session with me will be.

Do you answer questions regarding other people?

I will answer questions if there is information revealed to me. But I will not—nor am I comfortable—making derogatory statements about another. Nor do I approve of using information revealed to me to hurt or to be involved in ongoing issues between individuals. I am available to provide clarity, not to become a part of your conflicts with others.

Do you work with couples or groups?

If there is a need, I will work with couples. I do not do group sessions or "psychic parties.” Rates are adjusted for couples; please inquire.

Do you work with men or children?

Although I see many women, there has been an increase in the number of males now seeking advice. Children depend on many factors: if I agree to see a child, he or she must be accompanied by a responsible adult, preferably a parent or guardian. I also think it is best if all legal individuals involved with the child be in agreement that permission is granted to speak with the child with an appropriate person present. Other factors may be involved; please inquire.

Do you record sessions?

Yes, I can have a recording with most services I provide, some are included with the service and some are at an additional cost. I am not responsible for the quality or outcome of recordings, but I maintain equipment that operates properly. I advise that you take notes about key points. I am in a specific energy field as I work with you, and I retain your information in memory for a very short period after your session. Recordings are supplied for your future reference and review and I do not encourage sharing them with other individuals. Each session is a personal, private form of sharing unique to you. Use extreme discernment.

I have had other readings. I was led to believe the individual was you. Do you work in other places?

You did not have a session with me if it was in another place or another web site. If you were using contact information that I did not supply, or you were in a geographical area other than Northern California for an in-person session, it was not me. I do not work in shops, parties, or for a Psychic Network, and I do not provide Internet readings via e-mail.

Your sessions always seem very positive. Do you tell people negative things?

My work is to assist you in seeing the positive in all things. If there are negative situations already in motion, I do my utmost to "tune in” to the most positive forms of resolution.

Do you have future plans for different forms of your work? Or perhaps educational seminars?

Yes, I am always enhancing my techniques and wisdom. Future goals include a book or two and reaching increasing the number of people that I help internationally via telephone just to name a few.

Are you involved with other individuals or organizations doing work similar to yours?

No. I value other individuals in my field and in other forms of energy work. I do not interfere with their life paths. Each of us has a job to do, and I believe the people I am supposed to meet will connect with me. I frown on others in my field that attempt to use colleagues to troll for new clients. Spirit sends those who can benefit from me.

What sorts of things do you do as hobbies?

I am a pet lover and have 2 dogs and (today!) three cats. I read a great deal, love to garden, decorate, and attend musical concerts. Cooking is another great interest, and recently I’ve become a Program Host on KSVY 91.3 FM community radio in Sonoma


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